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Hormone Balance and Weight Loss At-Home Testing Toolkit

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Who May Benefit

  • Adults who are overweight or obese, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, or fatty liver disease.
  • Women with thyroid dysfunction, peri-menopause, or in menopause, low energy or libido, osteoporosis, or a history of breast cancer, including family members.
  • Men with issues related to body composition, virility, and energy or a history of prostate cancer including family members.
  • Adults seeking to reduce or avoid using weight-loss medications such as GLP1 inhibitors.
  • Adults seeking proactive health optimization and longevity.

How it Works

  • Focusing on essential blood, saliva, and urine markers for hormonal production and metabolism allows us to pinpoint hormonal imbalances, and develop a personalized plan for reversal.
  • 300+ Markers tested: includes advanced hormonal and metabolic panels including polygenic risk scores for osteoporosis, autoimmune, breast and prostate cancer, nutritional and obesity genomic profiles.

The kit includes at-home blood and genetic markers tests. A physician review must be scheduled before the kit is shipped. A scheduling link will be sent to your email upon purchase. An in-person visit includes body composition and limited vascular ultrasound screening.

Test Kit

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Heartwell Toolkit Hormone Balance and Weight Loss

Hormone Balance and Weight Loss At-Home Testing Toolkit


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